Welcome to the Saxy MF website.

Saxy MF is the alias for Antoine (Toine). J. Cremers, saxophone player / singer.
This website is built to give you some information about the musician, his instruments, gear,
bands and other stuff.
In the eighties this saxman started to study on his clarinet. After a few years he got caught
by the excitement of playing in big-bands. The step to jazzy, funky and groovy music was a
small one. Inspired by saxy music of Dulfer, Sanborn, Scott etc. he started to play
in smaller bands.
There was a moment that he grabbed a microphone and shouted something in it.
Singing was one of his other activities since then.
Sometimes people ask what the "MF" stands for in Saxy MF.
There are lots of possibilities like Music Factory, Motor Freak (that's what he is!!) or
Microphone Fanatic. One of the band-members once called him a Saxy Motherf *** !!
No one will really know....
However, playing and singing in the Benelux and Germany this saxman will make your
musical wishes come true. Make sure your party, wedding, background music or other wishes
are musicaly filled in the way you want it !!

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